Lemonade Gut Health Gummies

Last weekend we tried and tested a few recipes to make REALLY GOOD gut health gummies that even the fussiest of eaters (like mine) will eat and go back for more.

After a few trial and errors (and some mess) we have formulated an easy recipe that is quick and tastes great!

You will need:

  • Natural Gelatin (Don’t confuse this with gelatine. We use Nutra Organics Natural Gelatin. Find out more here.)
  • Juice of 1 Lemon
  • Juice of 1 Orange
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 2 tbs preferred honey
  • Fine strainer or nut milk bag
  • BPA Free Silicone Molds
  • Oven tray


  1. Bloom the gelatin by adding 1/4 cup gelatin powder to 1/2 cup water in pot and slowly stir.
  2. Once the bloomed gelatin resembles kids slime that has been left open for too long, add the juice of both the lemon and orange, the honey, and the water over a low heat and stir. The gelatin will slowly dissolve and turn back to liquid.
  3. Now, if your kids are like mine and find the tiniest needle in a haystack of something that even resembles fruit, strain the liquid through the strainer or nut milk bag once cooled. This will give your gummy a super smooth texture. We double strained ours.
  4. Before you fill your molds, put your mold onto an oven tray for an easy transfer to the fridge.
  5. Fill each mold and refrigerate for 15 minutes or until slightly firm.
  6. HERES THE HOT TIP! Transfer the tray to the freezer for another 10 minutes. They will get a slight frost on the top. Once you see this, take them out and pop them out of the mold. By adding them into the freezer, they will come out of the mold SUPER easy. The frost will disappear, and you will have the perfect gummy!

Store refrigerated in a container for up to a week.. if they last that long.

ONE MORE TIP: I find that by getting the kids to help fill the molds, gives them the chance to get to know new foods and textures. Giving them ownership creates confidence and opens them up to trying new things. Just be sure the liquid has cooled, and you have transferred it to a bowl.

Need to get your hands on a BPA Free Silicone Gummy Bear mold? They will be in stock soon!

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