Anxiety Aid Organic Essential Oil-Lively Living-Essential Oil,Teen Bundle
Anxiety Aid Organic Essential Oil-Lively Living-Essential Oil,Teen Bundle
Anxiety Aid Organic Essential Oil-Lively Living-Essential Oil,Teen Bundle

Anxiety Aid Organic Essential Oil

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Anxiety Aid Organic Essential Oil 10ml

Lively Living's Certified Organic Anxiety Aid Blend has been recognised and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia (TGA) for its ability to reduce Anxiety and the related health issues which anxiety can cause. 

Incorporating 7 of the finest powerhouse Organic Essential Oils known for their ability to reduce anxiety, relieve irritability, banish nervousness & stress. It is your ultimate weapon for helping disarm those big emotional rollercoasters that can often happen with kids and teens around school readiness, friendships and general overwhelm.

Anxiety Aid Blend, is also Certified Organic by ACO, (Australian Certified Organic).

Organic support for: 

Stress, Anxiety, Nervousness and Irritability

Therapeutic Benefits: 

  • Reduce symptoms of mild anxiety
  • Reduce the occurrence of irritability
  • Support healthy body stress recovery
  • Relieve disturbed sleep
  • Calmative nervous system relaxant
  • Support healthy emotional and mental wellbeing


Organic Sweet Orange:

An all-round favourite.  Refreshing and uplifting. Soothes anxiety and promotes calm. Boosts general wellbeing.

Organic Lavender: 

Lavender Essential Oil has a harmonising effect and can be calming to the mind. It can also help relieve nervous tension, anxiety and promote a restful night’s sleep. Lavender has antibacterial and antiviral qualities that make it perfect for defending the body.

Organic Marjoram:

We have incorporated Organic Marjoram oil known for its ability to relax the body.  In addition, Organic Marjoram is also useful to rid of insomnia and to cope with stress and anxiety.

Organic Frankincense Carterii:

This powerful essential oil promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness. Calming and comforting to help overcome stress and anxiety.

Organic Ylang Ylang:

Valuable in helping reduce mood swings and for supporting emotional and physical health. Reputed as an aphrodisiac, Ylang Ylang helps enhance sensuality and inspires self-confidence. Ylang Ylang essential oil is used to lessen tension & stress and to promote a positive outlook.

Organic Australian Sandalwood:

Australia is home to the highest quality Sandalwood in the world. Australian Sandalwood is known for its grounding properties, it improves calmness and clears the mind. It is comforting and supports sleep.

Organic Melissa:

Melissa essential oil is able to soothe the mind and calm down racing thoughts. Due to its soothing properties, Melissa can be used to improve sleep and reduce night-time restlessness. Known to stabilise moods, reduce mood swings and soothe fraught emotions. It takes a vast number of leaves to produce the smallest amount of Organic Melissa essential oil, hence is a prized rare essential oil and generally quite expensive if you were to purchase pure Melissa Oil on its own.

Add 2-5 drops in a diffuser to calm the mood day and night. Add a few drops to a bath and allow your worries to drift away.

TGA Registered Number: AUST L 343003

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