Focus Organic Essential Oil-Lively Living-
Focus Organic Essential Oil-Lively Living-

Focus Organic Essential Oil

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Focus Organic Essential Oil 10ml

The Focus Essential Oil is ideal for those needing assistance to have a clear, focused train of thought, and to assist concentration. Ideal for using in the office, at work and while studying.

Organic support for:

Clear mind, focussed thoughts, study, concentration

Benefits of Focus Organic Essential Oil:

Organic Lemon

Can help boost the immune system and is cleansing to the mind and energetic field.

Organic Rosemary

Widely known to assist with memory and retention, alertness, and study. Known to reduce nervous tension and fatigue

Organic Geranium

Geranium is used to relieve stress and anxiety and balance emotions allowing you to enter a calm state of mind.

Organic Peppermint

Helps to promote clarity and certainty.

Sage Dalmatian

Sage Dalmatian is beneficial for its antiseptic and antibacterial benefits. Emotionally, Sage Dalmatian is very uplifting and beneficial for too much mental activity. This oil is very powerful! can help relieve symptoms of stress, mental fatigue, emotional exhaustion and head and neck tension. Can help clear a room of negative energy.

Add 2-5 drops in your favourite Lively Living diffuser.

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